Apple sets March 21 event, Wall Street sees new, smaller iPhone

Apple sets March 21 event

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  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
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Apple has scheduled a virtual event for March 21, and many industry analysts and experts are speculating that the company will announce the launch of a new, smaller iPhone. The event is being held virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and will likely be streamed online for anyone to watch.

Rumors about a smaller iPhone have been circulating for several months, with some reports suggesting that the device will be similar in size to the popular iPhone SE, which was released in 2016. The new iPhone is expected to feature a compact design, high-quality camera, and powerful processor, making it an attractive option for users who are looking for a more compact device.

Additionally, some reports suggest that the new iPhone may also feature a lower price point compared to Apple’s other iPhone models, making it more accessible to a wider range of users. This could be a smart move for Apple, as many consumers are looking for more affordable options in the smartphone market, especially in the wake of the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

It is important to note that these are just rumors and speculation at this point to busibess, and it will not be clear what Apple has in store until the company officially announces the new iPhone during the March 21 event. However, if the rumors are true, the new smaller iPhone could be a popular choice for consumers who are looking for a compact, high-quality device at an affordable price point.

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